How Pete Davidson Is Coping with ‘Clean Break’ from Kim Kardashian After Being ‘Torn Up’ By Split

Pete Davidson is doing "much better" this present time that he's had an opportunity to process his stunning split from Kim Kardashian last month

While Pete was destroyed when the split previously occurred, he has had some time now and is in a greatly improved place with it

He sees that they were obviously not intended to be," an individual near the previous Saturday Night Live jokester told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

They are from two unique universes, however more like two totally various universes. Pete doesn't converse with Kim now, and they basically had a total separation.

As fans know, Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, first got together after she facilitated NBC's famous sketch parody series in Oct. 2021.

The two featured in a Jasmine and Aladdin-themed production and locked lips while riding a supernatural floor covering, which is when starts at first flew.

Only days after the fact, they were seen clasping hands at California's Knott's Berry Farm carnival. They made their authority debut as a team at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 30