Debating the Donovan Mitchell Deal

The Philadelphia 76ers might've made a phone call to the Brooklyn Nets asking about their genius forward, Kevin Durant.

As we probably are aware now, talks between the Sixers and the Nets didn't go extremely far, and right now, the Durant sweepstakes are over without an exchange.

The possibility that the Sixers asked about Durant caused it to seem like Daryl Morey, and the Philly front office were star hunting.

Yet, an absence of conversations between the Sixers and the Utah Jazz demonstrates that the Durant circumstance was just an exemption.

Ongoing reports demonstrated that the Jazz were hoping to move their star watch Donovan Mitchell prior to instructional course starts.

A Sixers rival, the New York Knicks, were viewed as the #1 to land Mitchell as they had interest and the resources the Jazz wanted.

A new marking muddled exchange conversations between the Knicks and the Jazz, as the two groups neglected to finish an arrangement before Monday night.

driving the Knicks to expand their young champion, RJ Barrett, a circumstance that made a Donovan Mitchell exchange a lot harder to achieve for the Knicks.

Mitchell became far-fetched to join the Atlantic Division, yet the Eastern Conference in general wasn't impossible.